WSSC Member Info

Membership Dues:

Single Membership - $150

Single OFAH - $47
Family OFAH - $59 (includes spouse and children under 21 years of age)
Initiation Fee (one time) - $35.00
Dues are to be paid by February 15

Range Certification

MEMBERS ONLY - If you are interested in being able to shoot restricted hand guns in the indoor range, you will need to complete mandatory certification.For more information contact

Dave Webb - 226-700-9117

Conduct Committee

It is the policy of WSSC that all members and guests maintain a level of credibility and decorum and make every effort to conduct themselves in the manner of true sportsmen as defined in our by-laws.

Behaviour by anyone that has the potential of harming the reputation of any member or guest of WSSC is prohibited.

Good sportsmanship is the responsibility of every member and guest of WSSC. The ethical environment of WSSC must reflect our shared interest and encourage growth achievement and must insist on respect and personal relations.

Abusive treatment of fellow club members, or club property and equipment is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

To discuss any questions or concerns in regard to member conduct please reach out to:

Jamie Round -

Richard Hooper -

Adam Vincent -

WSSC Dress Code

While there is not an official dress code for WSSC,  members are requested and encouraged to wear a red shirt with the club crest and name tags at all club functions.

To have our club crest embroidered onto any item, reach out to:

EMA Embroidery 

676 Exeter Road

London, Ontario


To order custom shirts contact:

TKO Jersey Co.